Episode 37

Published on:

23rd Jan 2024

Special Guest: The Based Mother

Link to Free Film and Trailer: https://www.americangroomerfilm.com/ (https://www.americangroomerfilm.com/)

Elena Barbera is an average American mother turned unlikely YouTuber on her son’s channel, @SonnyFaz. Tired of watching her country burn from the sidelines, she decided to pick a battle and fight it with her new documentary, American Groomer. It tells the story of how American children are being sexualized in their schools, how it came to pass that in 39 states it's legal to show porn to schoolchildren, and what can be done about all of it. Produced by, written by, and starring Elena Barbera, the film features interviews with the leaders of Gays Against Groomers, the American Principles Project, and the Child & Parental Rights Campaign. Watch it free at americangroomerfilm.com (http://americangroomerfilm.com/).

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